Diaries: Echoes of my soul

Why the blog? Why this anonymity?

I feel the need to kick start this blog by addressing these 2 very basic questions which might occur to any reader!

Why the blog?
This is not really my first attempt at starting a blog. A couple of years ago when the blogging trend had initially hit the World Wide Web, I was much younger & still in school. It was then that I had for the first time started a blog mainly as a platform to share & save “my thoughts” in one place while interacting & reading the thoughts of the fellow Bloggers.
Back then I used to jot down my feelings and thoughts in the form of poems and/or articles on paper during free periods in school/at night in my room and then, later would copy it to my blog.
This eventually was a bit tedious & thus, I was unsuccessful in keeping up with the tradition.

Today, I’m a 20-something, still I love to read, write & absolutely love the idea of sharing my thoughts while learning from others.

So, here I am… now, better equipped with technology, gadgets, facilities & a desire to communicate!

Then, why the anonymity?
This anonim0sity is not an attempt to hide my identity for some sort of fowl play or name calling etc.

Give the man a mask,
and he will speak the truth.

There’s this sort of comfort that comes with anonim0sity which enables you to bare your heart’s feelings, I believe.

I am a big fan of Quora. A platform where people from across the world interact with each other- support, suggest, advice, seek advice, share stories etc. on various topics! It allows you to post these “answers” as yourself & even anonymously. So, one can choose to talk about any topic while sharing their identity publically or anonymously.
And there is no disparity against anonymous answers. Ultimately, it’s the content with which people connect & based on which they interact with each other.

This interaction gives us an opportunity to learn about ‘n’ number of things. And share more personal experiences & advice etc with others who might need it, without exposing somethings that you are not comfortable to expose or to be tracked back to you by random acquaintances, employers or readers.
These topics maybe expose your emotional side, maybe psychological or just some things you are not comfortable with staging on a global, public forum.

This is just taking it a step forward.

The ability of us humans to feel a connection with another, to not feel alone because we know that another feels the same about things without actually getting to know them is extremely fascinating!

Maybe, with time I will also be stronger and wiser like many others who feel no shyness in saying & sharing everything as themselves… But till then here I am, your anonymous friend. Hoping to meet a lot of you, to get to know you and your thoughts, to learn from you & to share stuff with you.

See you! ๐Ÿ™‚


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