Boring or just complacent?



I’m a pretty ardent Thought Catalog follower; came across this site a couple of months ago & there’s been no going back! In fact, to be completely honest its candid, relate-able articles, full of freshness, wit and sometimes, just plain ol’ truth re-ignited the passion of writing in me. The desire to share a story, an opinion, something casual or something serious. 

It’s pretty much what I read these days! Sigh. Looks like the good ol’ days of sitting in the corner with a nice novel & reading it from beginning to end are never coming back! Thanks to my lazy and stuck-in-a-rut busy life. 

So, I came across (yet another) hilarious article today- 8 Signs You Are Becoming Boring and it made me laugh. No cry. No. It made me laugh & cry at the same time. 

There I was … with my smart phone in my hand, sprawled on the bed, TV switched on meaninglessly in the background … reading. It felt like I was laughing out loud on the outside & within me was another story. I was laughing because I could almost completely relate to it! Well, except the “eating carrots” part. You will never see me eating carrots! Come what may. Even if it means I have to dig up some remnant instant noodles from my kitchen cupboard & eat it raw. Ugh, yes. 

And on the inside … it just felt like my heart would overflow & burst with the confused feelings of laughing-at-my-own-situation, despair of missing out on life & wasting my youth. Blah. 

I mean, who wants to live like this? Everybody knows you only live once or the extremely famous acronym YOLO! And, which young heart doesn’t want to go out of the house once in a while to have a nice time with its favorite friends? To have a cocktail, dress up like a dapper & to let the hair down! The thought is pretty exciting, isn’t it? Then, what is this “thing” exactly which propels us to not to do this seemingly simple task of having fun?

Agreed. The idea of fun is different for different people. While some of us would like to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa or chilled frappe (what ever be the preference) & a nice read; the rest of us prefer something more adventurous. 

My point is that while all of us want to do something which makes us happy, which makes us feel alive & kicking; sometimes, life just gets in the way of it all! It maybe your 12 hour job or a hard college routine or just you feeling down after something unexpected. The point is that a fixed routine of any kind makes you rusty. It doesn’t necessarily make you “boring” but it makes you complacent. While a lot of people would say that the reason for this complacency is the lack of desire to get out of the comfort zone. I believe, that sometimes there are circumstances, responsibilities & restrictions which sort of force us to go into the shell

We try to break through it & put up a fight. But after a series of disappointments & heart aches… we just let it go. We just let things be the way they are. We have this picture in our heads, but we know that it is not possible to live that image. Not at present, at least. So, we secretly resign to the circumstances & start sinking deeper & deeper into our shells. 

We know that someday, this has to end. The shell needs to be broken & we need to stop postponing life. For responsibilities & restrictions will never end, they will only increase with time and life is passing away… every precious moment! We. Must. Do. Something. And. We. Must. Do. It. NOW! 


But right after we check our new facebook notifications! 😀




Your thoughts?

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