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Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Tears are words the heart can’t express.

The moistening of an individual’s eyes can give away the deepest and the most honest of his feelings. There are tears of misery, sorrow, fear, stress on one hand & then, there are those of ecstasy, relief, gratefulness, joy on the other. 

While the former are shed when the heart’s hurting, the latter are shed only by those fortunate souls who’ve been touched by some form of blessing. It is these tears of joy that become a part of some truly cherished memories for life, the kinds which are hard come by!

The last time I felt so blessed was around April’12. It was the day of our final semester exams in college & the concluding ceremony. It was the day I was given a couple of awards, including a university felicitation for all the efforts that I’d put in throughout the 3 years of my college life. But mostly, it was the encouraging words & appreciation that our head of the institution bestowed upon me. Each moment was so surreal & unexpected, it not only left me stunned and full of intense emotions, but by the end of it my legs shook as I tried to sit down, back on my chair.

For a person who’s worked extremely hard burning the midnight oil while tackling some extremely uncooperative & unpleasant situations; who’s tried to strike the perfect balance between what college is meant to be and career priorities; who’s extremely critical about one’s own self & who comes from a family of serious critics… it meant a lot!  

An encouraging word, a little pat on the back for a job well done makes all the painstaking efforts & struggles that one undergoes on his/her way of attaining the goal totally worthwhile! While trophies and awards are wonderful reminders, it is these words & gestures that truly touch our hearts, soothe the soul & bring joyousness to our lives! 

Image Image Source: Kind_Words__by_VerseJus


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