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Impromptu Cooking!

I love eating and I love cooking. Sometimes, I wonder which one do I love more?

Yes, I do have my absolutely lazy days quite often when I just don’t want to cook. But some days I feel like cooking and cooking more. 

Well, today was one of the lethargic days & yet, I forced myself into the kitchen, knowing that the end result or the feeling of a ‘tasty’ accomplishment would be worth it. [Add to that the bonus of saving some moolah for the weekend. *insert big smile*]

So, I made me some Begun Bhaja. It is a very simple & very tasty Bengali Brinjal dish. One of the few preparations of Brinjal that converted me from an Aubergine hater! 

  1. Just take salt & red chilly powder to taste in a dish, add a pinch of turmeric & make a mixture. 
  2. Now, apply this mixture on both sides of the round slices of an Eggplant & keep it aside for 5-10 mins. 
  3. Then, just shallow fry in a pan with tiny drops of oil (mustard oil preferably, for added flavour).

    And voila! Your dish is ready to be served with rice/roti/paratha! 

    ImagePS: This was my first attempt at it, and it turned out very nicely! 😀


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