Soulful Musings

Love is surrender


These feelings are so strong, so pure. So deep and intense that not everyone is able to truly surrender themselves to them.

Those of us, who can … deserve a tiny pat on the back for being able to give so selflessly. It is easy I say, to not care. But to care, is hard. It is natural for us, as humans, to seek reciprocation; to be hurt because of the lack of it, to feel pain; to care for those who care about us. But it is harder to let oneself into these deep waters, when one is aware of the fact that he/she will never be cared for in the manner, by the other person.

There was a time, when we were children. And it was easy then, to walk up to someone and to let them know how you felt about them, how you wanted to be ‘best’ friends with them or how you thought of them as your best friend. Then, we grew up. We changed. We became familiar with rejection, the concept of ego and/or the feeling of pain and self preservation. This knowledge made us put a guard on.

Every so often, someone slips through this guard. Maybe it is a person/people/a pet who somehow manages to touch the deepest corners of our soul. And we let them. There’s a choice. A choice of control, or the choice of surrender. Or is there?

So bound by the rules of right and wrong, the complications of this world, all we can do is feel. To be there, somewhere in the background as a well wisher/a friendly shadow; never saying anything; always knowing that it can never be anything more.


Your thoughts?

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