I care

You walked into the room,
Almost straight into my heart.
The turn of events would be so,
I absolutely knew not!

Your earnest smile, That glint in your eyes
The way you talked, the way you walked
Reminded me of who I once was.

Something told me, you had a genuine heart
Your warmth was impossible to keep away from.
You touched my soul,
It felt so whole;
The carefully built wall around my heart…
Just fell apart.

And then, you went away
Just as quickly as you’d come.
My tears of joy turned into those of sorrow,
I longed for your love.

It wasn’t so hard to compose myself
Though the pain couldn’t be ignored!
For you were never mine, nor ever will be
This pointed truth, I’d known
All long!

Now, I wish you well, with all my heart
Each day, I say a little prayer.
For your happiness, joy and peace…
Because, I truly do care!


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