Soulful Musings

10 Ways You Know You’re Doing Something Right

Here’s something positive, specially for those in pain!

You’re fine. You’re enough.

Thought Catalog

1. When out of nowhere, now and again, you have a sense of pure, unadulterated happiness… usually for something mundane. When you get your favorite seat on the train and you sit there, sipping on your favorite iced coffee and staring out the window and just feel like all is right with the world… that, my friends, means you are doing something right.

2. When you can’t explain why you love something… you just do. That’s one of the best kinds of love: when someone asks you why and you don’t have any concrete reasons, you just feel it. Love is not logical like that, it is not a monster than can be sorted out through the mind. You’re onto something real when you’re naturally not doing that.

3. You are okay with the things that hurt and otherwise affected you the most in the past– actually, you’re grateful for…

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