Diaries: Echoes of my soul, Introspection, Soulful Musings

Questions, in the end.

I’m going through the aftermath of the end of a relationship. A relationship of friendship and love, care and concern; a relationship that was meant to last for a lifetime but withered away in a decade. A relationship which probably was one of the most important things in my life. My support system, my pillar of strength. My motivation and hope for a better future.

In the end, what remains are only questions. Questions which will probably be answered in time, some others which might never be answered. It’s a question in itself as to how this will end. How I will end, how my life will end? Will I be loved ever like I have loved (and lost)? Or will I wither away like many other lovelorn lovers?

Right now, everything seems seems dark. Just darkness, all around.
Will I overcome this? Or will I succumb to it?
Only time will tell.


Your thoughts?

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