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One Tree Hill

Yes, I am fully aware of the fact that I am pretty late to the party. But I just watched the finale of One Tree Hill tonight; and I couldn’t resist writing about it.

So, it was a couple of hours ago… and I still feel like a totally different version of myself (as compared to the routine these days).

Mixed feelings.
A heart wrecking, bittersweet sadness that something I ended up connecting with so much over time, has now come to an end. No more daily 1 hour appointments with an amazing cast, which had almost become like my personal group of best friends; no more crying with them, laughing with them, leaping in joy when something great happens to one of them. 😦

While the essence of the story will always remain with me… what makes OTH truly special for me is the fact that I have watched lived this show while going through a not so amazing time in my life (to say the least). And it was there for me everyday, without fail with a new story.

It’s amazing how much we end up connecting to some characters and TV shows! The way they become a beautiful part of our lives. Sometimes, you feel this magic from the start; while other times this connect is built over time. For me it was the latter. This show was totally different from the genres that I usually watch. Infact, I didn’t even start watching it from the beginning… I started watching it just to fill that one hour slot in my life, for the lack of any other option and slowly, it spun it’s magic upon me.

The story matured, there was depth in characters and some beautiful writing. It grew on me.

I think the time it really struck a chord with me was when Haley James Scott was going through a rather tough time, I could hear in her voice my own thoughts, my own not-so-bright thoughts. Exact. Word for word. It blew me away. It struck me the time when immense depth was added to Brook Davis’s character- her troubled childhood, her painful past,her problems, her struggle and her ultimate victory. It struck me the times when they told us to believe in our dreams. “Because dreams come true all the time.” The time when love was returned to people who loved so hard, with all they had. Brook, Nathan, Peyton, Lucas, Clay, Logan, Haley, Mouth….
And, all those times when Lucas had to say something so meaningful that it’d take a moment to absorb the inherent meaning in his quotes.

It struck my heart all these times and more.

And what a beautiful… beayoootiful end to such a wonderful show!


ILY, One Tree Hill. And you will forever be a part of me.
Thanks for being there when no one else was.
Thanks to everyone who made this show possible; and so so wonderful.

It really was like a beautiful dream!
Yours Truly.


2 thoughts on “One Tree Hill

  1. Chris says:

    Truly inspiring! Your story touched me in such a way… I really think you should go on youtube. Because my friend (who also loves OTH) told me that there maybe a sequel to the series starring the main characters kids. Seach youtube theres concept trailers on there. Its gonna be soo amazing! ^-^

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