Sometimes I question life…


Sometimes I try to look for a reason.
Just a single one.
Oh, how I try desperately.
Only to find that there’s none!

My throat burns.
And my heart yearns.
To know if there’s a point;
To any of this brunt?

Any guarantee
That it’d be all worth it in the end?

And I hear it in my heart again,
Oh no sir! There is none.

So, I just sit here and burn.
My insides, my heart, my soul.
Sometimes I feel I’m not human.
But just a hollow hole!

Is my time here done?

Sometimes I think that I may be weak one after all.
If I can’t make peace with the world just like all.

Then, perhaps I’m too earnest.
Too real, too raw, too burnin’
In this world so cold
And numb.

Or, maybe I am just a ‘weakling’ by Darwin’s law.
Not shrewd and fast enough to survive.
This treacherous world.
And all its lies!

O’ Lord, this very possibility
Makes me despise;
Even my very own shadow’s sight!


Your thoughts?

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