Love will see me through…

The Poetess’s Note Love & Pain: Two of the most potent emotions which inspire artists to create!

This love I feel for you
It’s beautiful, amazing and true!

Your voice calms my demons
Your smile soothes my soul.

And even though I know-
I can never have you
Oh baby, I’m all yours!


That one amazing moment
In which our worlds happened to collide;
That single, precious moment
Has brought my beaten soul
So much respite!

For the couple of seconds
That you knew
My sincere feelings for you;
The fact that I existed
In this world-
Somewhere around you.

They truly were the most exhilarating few;
That I’ve ever lived through!

They made me feel alive, for once
They made me feel some joy, for once
Oh baby, it’s all you!

And even though I know-
That I can never have you;
I know that my love for you
Will see me through!


Dedicated to BG


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