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New Year, New Beginnings & Hope

Hello beautiful people! 🙂

I know that I have been away for a while. 2014’s been keeping me busy.

To be honest though, I’m a little conflicted about this. For me, as a student the new years were always marked by the beginning of a new class at school/ a new semester at college. So, keeping that feeling in mind… the new year for me will only start when I move forward in life, when the stuff that I’ve been working on so painstakingly since 2013, which I was/am so worried about materializes (by god’s grace)! And I can finally move on in life towards a possible chance at a bright and happy future.

In the mean time, I have been getting some ideas about the new stuff I want to add to my blog for all my readers in the days to come. I’ve also been jotting down some drafts of thoughts that I get from day to day. Happy thoughts, positive thoughts, desperate as well as sad thoughts! Slowly, I will share them with you all as and when I’m in a better headspace and I get time on my hand.

For now, I thought of dropping in and sharing with you some positive happenings in my life.

  1. Surprise deliveries
    This year I received my first ever surprise delivery of flowers on my Birthday by someone anonymous, which was a pretty great feeling! And, the year ended on the same note. Plus, this time there was a sinful Chocolate Cake along with a bouquet of red roses!

    The new year surprise

    The new year surprise

  2. I very recently got my first MacBook Air. 
    I’m a girl who loves her gadgets so finally upgrading my laptop is one of the things that’s made me very grateful. Touchwood. And it being a Mac is all the more reasons to be happy.download_20140114_201300
  3. I won a (food) lottery!
    Haha. Yes, guys! I’m a HUGE foodie and towards the end of 2013, I happened to win my first ever lottery in life. I’ve never really won any contests. So, it was pretty great.I won 1000 INR worth of food coupons from Buddy’s Broaster. Which meant Fried Chicken, a lot of Fried Chicken!

    Foodie's Paradise

    Foodie’s Paradise

  4. A new outlook!
    The things I have talked about so far are all materialistic. But the highlight of it all has to be those which are intrinsic.I’ve been building this inner resolve- a promise to myself as well as to the almighty that if I get this chance, if he helps me out, if the things that I’ve been working so crazy hard on do work out and I get a shot a living life again… I will really live it up this time.

    After all that I’ve been through; specially in the past year, being alive right now and having preserved some amount of sanity through it all seems like a blessing in itself! But if I do get a chance to live again, which hopefully I will… I promise to be better to myself, to let go my self-sabotaging, over critical conscience and to really live my life.

    It definitely has a lot to do not only with what I’ve been through and fortunately, survived. But it also, with the point that I will finally be in my life IF everything works out. All my life, since a very tender age I have been working towards this, I have always felt this dire sense of need and responsibility. I’ve known what’s at stake- the kind of life I want to escape from and the kind of life I want to start living. And, this is it! If it does go well… I can finally ease of a little and start driving myself to the edge. It’s high time!

    But the crucial part is (as I have already repeated several times) it all depends on the success of this mission that I’ve been working on, not only in the last year but almost like the entire life! It’s the moment of truth.

    Set yourself free!

    Set yourself free!

In the end, I would like to thank each one of you who’s been coming to visit me on my blog, whether a silent reader or a liker/sharer/commenter. It is all extremely encouraging! You guys have been with me through a very, very rough patch of my life and have kept me going. I wish you the best. You mean a lot to me, all of you!


I hope that this new year has been kind to you so far & I pray that it treats you even better in the future!Feel free to share your good (and bad) parts with me. I would love to hear about it all!

Much Love.


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