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I just finished watching this movie called “Disconnect”. It’s basically supposed to be a thriller dwelling on the negative side of the modern mode of communication aka worldwide web. But it ends up saying much more than that.

It highlights how even in the internet age, where communication is supposed to be so much easier than the previous decades; where there is so much to facilitate conversations, and keeping in touch with our near and dear ones is just as simple as clicking a button! We are in fact, drifting apart.

We are drifting away from the people who mean the most to us, and we are drifting away from our own selves. We are losing touch with what’s important and the basic humanitarian character.

We are so lost in the other aspects of life like work, leisure, fame, entertainment, group-ism, peer pressure etc. that we forget to stop to take a good look at who we are becoming and what truly matters, rather who truly matters! And, by the time some of us realize it, it’s already too late.

Try as we might to deny our basic instincts… pretend to not need any connection, immerse ourselves in meaningless relationships and friendships, try to drown out our heart’s desire by indulging in instantly gratifying materialistic things… sooner or later we are bound to realize that we need more. We need more and we deserve better than to be around a bunch of pricks who use us only as a past time activity to fool around when there’s nothing else on their list.

Christopher McCandless rightly said, not to forget that he learnt it the very hard way too that “Happiness only real when shared”. And take it from someone who was once at the top of her game at 22- good job, nice pay, choice of accommodation in the city of her dreams, after having passed out from college at the top of her class. Life had only started to sort itself out after having worked SO SO hard at it, and then it all just went away… Not that I had previously ever doubted it for even one second, but those moments reaffirmed this fact like a hot knife through my heart.

So, those of you… who are lucky to have someone who gives a sh*t and makes an effort to connect. That person whom you’ve been ignoring because you’ve been SO busy staring at the TV or roaming around with people who you know would really never care in times of need… trust me when I say this, if you don’t respect what you’ve got now it’s going to come back and bite you hard. And you won’t know what hit you. Sooner or later, it’s bound to happen.

And, those of you who are this other person, who’s made this huge effort with everyone- loved and cared sincerely- and you still find yourself not getting what you deserve in return, hang in there! You’re not alone. Yes, you will have times when you’ll be tempted to settle for less, to remain friends with these passive leeches and/or in stolid relationships. You will feel that this is your destiny and maybe you’re the one doing something wrong. STOP RIGHT THERE. If nothing else, then we’re all in this together. Remember that you’re making a choice- the right choice. And it’s never easy. But you must not turn into one of them! Because that would invalidate everything else! Stay strong.


“You deserve the chance to be really happy, and to invite someone to share a life you have created. You don’t want to settle because you’re afraid of looking yourself in the mirror, or sitting alone at a dinner table. You deserve the happiness that comes with waiting for the right people in your life, to lose yourself in the beauty and discovery of it, and not feel like you’re forcing things to happen.”



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