Dear Grim.


No matter how long,
I will always feel
the warmth you gave,
however unreal.

To you,
I am grateful,
now and forever.

You taught me to love
forever and ever.
You taught me to smile
when I had no reason.
You were there
when nobody would listen.
You held my hand
through good times and bad.

No matter how long,
I will not be sad,
only disappointed
that it died so quick.

I was so negligible,
it makes me sick,
right down to my stomach
where it hurts the most-
You would think my heart,
but that I do not host,
no more and never again.

My soul is yours
until the grave.

Watch me now
as I wave
to you from across the horizon,
where the grass is not greener,
as they all say –
but dying, only wasting away
just like the embers that fuelled my flame.


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