This poem is about ‘breaking the silence’ over something important. It is about confession, and owning up with the intent of being honest and  protecting the greater good. And, it is about the ‘painful, fearful silence’ of the aftermath during which you wait… you wait to see how the truth will alter things for you- for the better or  for the worse. Because, it means too much. Because, they mean too much.

I’m scared that I hurt you
Today, my precious
I’m scared that I hurt you
With the truth.

I’m scared that it might change
Things between us
The things that were only starting to look
Too good to be true!

But the truth had to be said
Even if it was hard & crude
For nothing solid can be built
On a foundation, which is untrue.

I don’t know where we’ll go from here
In fact, I never knew…
Had always just followed my heart & soul
Whenever it’d come to you.

Carefully collecting each moment
Like precious jewels
Unknown, undiscovered
Until, I’d met you.

And, now I’m trying to prepare myself
To accept god’s wish for us
For he gave me the very fortune…
To spend some fleeting moments with you.


Your thoughts?

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