Did you tell her all?


It was one weak moment
Or the most powerful moment of truth;
In which I let you know
My heart was bleeding for you!

I told you how I felt
Exposed my vulnerabilities
Expecting nothing in return
Except a little respect and dignity.

I’d always felt things were
Different, with you
But you burnt me
Just like everyone else, too!

Withering in pain
Feeling so scared,
Confused and exposed
Yet I don’t regret
For it was pure truth
That had to be told.

So many questions, doubts
And fresh wounds
Poisoned with new deceit;
These things I’ll never be
Able to trust you with, anymore.

Nor will I ask you
Did you tell her all?
Did you laugh at me?
Mocked and swore?

Most of all, did you tell her?
How you encouraged me to
Show you,
My deepest wounds
And, much more….


Your thoughts?

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