Diaries: Echoes of my soul, Introspection

Betrayed, again.


They say we bring it upon us, give people the power to hurt us. They’re right. But is there any other way?

We might be cautious, observant and seem to posses good judgement. But what if we still fall flat after that? Just one fine day… Because we wanted to believe in goodness.

What do you do then?

A few years ago, I had encountered a random kind stranger in college and I was so moved by the experience that I’d put up a status wondering if meeting too many bad people in life was a good thing because we learn to be extremely cautious, or if it was a dangerous thing because a flicker of potential goodness can overwhelm us.

Maybe, just maybe… I have my answer today.


Also, my ability to forgive and befriend people who shouldn’t be forgiven & giving too many second chances is not astonishing (unlike an elderly teacher in school had said), certainly nothing to be proud of (unlike what he’d said) but definitely astonishingly idiotic, I’m beginning to feel.


Your thoughts?

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