We Met At The Worst Possible Time

Thought Catalog

We have control of a lot of things in life, but who comes in and out of it isn’t one of ‘em. Sure we can decide who we allow access to our heart and who gets the boot. When we’re introduced, where we meet and who we are at that time isn’t exactly something we can grab by the horns right that second. Perhaps it’s all meant to play out the way it does, but sometimes it can feel like it’s not. It seems as if the universe slipped up and made a mistake. A crucial error that’s led to you coming face to face with a person you had no business being involved with. At least not here. Certainly not now.

You should’ve seen me before, back when I wasn’t broken. Really, I wish you could’ve. It wasn’t always tense and complicated. I wasn’t always damaged goods. Battle wounds…

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