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The road to Ireland (#4)

#4: Travel Clothing & Fashion

As I get closer to the time of flying to a new place and a new life, I realise that there is an ever increasing list on my mind, which needs to have everything checked off of it. And, when you are prepping for the Big Move to a place with a different climate, halfway across the world… clothing & fashion comprise a significant part of things that need to be taken care of. Since, there is a scope of lot of change that one needs to undertake & can bring to their entire wardrobe.

Honestly, you really don’t need to be that much of a fashionista or a shopaholic. You could just be an easy going gal who takes interest in matters of clothing and fashion, just someone who likes to be presentable and wants to put her best foot forward by dressing appropriately for different occasions and playing to her strengths. Therefore, every monumental change in life… say, the move from school to college, from college to working atmosphere necessitating the need for building up a new wardrobe. Or just appropriately adding to what you’ve already got.

For me, personally life has pretty much been on a halt since 2013. In fact, the last time I really shopped has been a while ago. Initially, it was just for practical reasons. I was fresh out of B school, had enough clothes to work with in an official environment. Plus, I wanted to save some money. And then, when I started spiralling downwards, in spirit and otherwise, I was really not enthusiastic enough to really go out there and shop, since I wasn’t really stepping out of the house all that much.

Honestly, at that point in time it made sense to go out and shop when I had something concrete to look forward to. And, even though… I’m glad I waited. There’s a part of me which is anxious/nervous (in addition to being excited) since there is not only MUCH to do. But also, because the piled up shopping would lead to and equally concentrated drain of money from the wallet. 😛

Another thing is that I am practically moving half way across the world, which calls for not only different dressing sensibilities but much warmer clothing which isn’t exactly in synchrony with the weather currently prevailing in my own country. Add to that the quest of refining and redefining my personal style statement; that’s a lot of things to take care of.

So, in order to organise things in my head, I’ve kind of made a list of things that I NEED to buy. With some things covered, here are the essentials top of my mind:

1. A pair of boots (faux leather/water proof with minimal heels)

2. Thermal wear (ideally in dark colours)

3. A warm, long coat (being waterproof would definitely help)

Having a hoody attached is an added advantage.

4. A variety of appropriate inner wear to go with all kinds of dresses
(backless, designer backs, strapless etc)

5. A pair of comfortable yet feminine heels/sandals

6. A nice pair of flat ballerinas

7. A hair styler (and basic hair pins/ bun)

8. Stockings

9. Spaghetti strap tops (to be worn as inner wear/ by themselves)

10. Basic cosmetics & Skincare/Grooming products

Since I have already bought a medium sized bag pack, which is not really my style. (But I thought it was necessary to have one, incase I’d ever require one for sight seeing/on my exploration trips etc.It’s practically the first one I saw. A normal ADIDAS pack and I went for it. I really don’t know why. Maybe because it was economical. And, I thought that the more feminine needs could be fulfilled by my handbags.)  I need to add two more:

11. A makeup bag/pouch.

12. A handy camera cover/case.


Your thoughts?

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