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The road to Ireland (#5)

 #5: The progress: Campus Life & Flights

Okay guys, it’s been a while since I last blogged in here and updated my status! So, here I am with some major updates.

What happens next when you finally get accepted to the college you wanted to go to abroad, to study your dream course?

Yes, there is excitement, happiness, disbelief, gratitude and gratefulness. But most of all, there are a list of things that you need to do ASAP. A lot of which, include some extremely crucial formalities like getting your VISA, figuring out your accommodation in the foreign land, booking flight tickets, packing etc.

Since, the date of flying is pretty much dependent on accommodation, I had to figure it out before moving on to everything else. And, the process took longer than anyone of us (international students) had originally anticipated. Few seats (first-cum-first-serve), lucky draw, technical breakdown, waiting lists, prayers and worried sweat and tears… it had it all!

But as they say, all’s well that ends well. I was pretty sure from the beginning that I wanted to stay on campus. And, the reason for this are many:

  •  Having stayed on campus previously (for my graduation), I was very well aware of the benefits it come with.
    • No ‘hidden costs’ per se.
      Major costs like the wifi, electricity etc are covered. There’s no added stress for controlling your internet and/or electrical consumption at least. For what it’s worth, you practically get unlimited supply of those.
    • Saving transportation costs
      Yes, this one’s a biggie. And, more so in the Europe. From what I’ve heard, the public transport is not cheap in Ireland at all. Where ever you may be, staying on campus not only saves money but a lot of your precious time.
    • Other benefits 
      While I’m pretty sure that this campus would be MUCH bigger than my 125 acres graduation university campus, I remember the convenience of just being able to go back to my room if I wanted to catch up sleep between my classes, study in silence instead of hunting spaces in various parts of the university between two exams etc.
      You are literally on the same campus as your college, and that is indeed a source of a lot of mental peace.
    • Social Life
      If you think my grad school was all about my glorious stay on campus, it couldn’t be far from the truth. I think the only hateful part about my grad school was my hostel life thanks to the terrible housemates I had. This continued to the very final semester, until I moved my room to finally find myself amongst decent human beings.
      Yes, these things have a lot to do with luck. But yes, since this whole thing is about rejuvenating myself and taking a leap of faith, I am crossing my fingers this time around.Also, since I am going to be a part of a completely different culture and country. I am well aware of the fact that not only the facilities but god willing the experience is going to be tremendously amazing unlike the one I had in my home country.Living on campus would be a gateway to not only participate in all the campus residential life activities, but also to intermingle with people from different cultures. And, experiencing the internationality is a crucial part of my plan for studying abroad. It is one of the things I’m extremely eager and excited to do!

I’m extremely grateful to god, the universe, the almighty… that after a long wait, I finally got campus accommodation and the one I wanted to get in (A particular type of residence on the same campus as my school, for obvious reasons.) So far, I can see on the online portal that I have got 2 housemates… from different places, and I have my fingers crossed for them as well as the rest to come.

I really hope to be amongst great people, build some good friendships and have a wonderful time. People, as I have realised, can make all the difference.

Coming to flights and packing everything within the permissible baggage allowance. This is something that I am dealing with currently, and something which won’t be exactly done until the very final days to leave.

Yes, sometimes I get disturbing night err… I wouldn’t say nightmares… but night… thoughts? about it. But I’m sure, it will work out. After all, I’ve got all you guys’ best wishes with me. 😉

Guys, honestly… as much as I am ready to finally kickstart this new life (yes, that is what it is for me). I do find myself worrying or even being scared sometimes, but then I consciously remind myself to think about the best and look at the good things/ the great potential etc.

I have all my fingers, toes, everything crossed for this adventure that lies in front of me. And, I am also, very eager to share it with you as I go along with it. Pictures, experiences, stories, everything.

Just let this be good. Please god. Just let this be great.


Your thoughts?

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