Introspection, Poems

To be (w)hole

There’s a gaping hole
In my soul.
I no longer merely want to
decorate my house. But
create a home. With
not just things but someone I love.
And, who loves me back. In a way
that fills the cracks in my heart.
There’s no agony.
No more pain.
No reminders of
the bruises of the past.


Falling Apart


Source: Fall Apart by Nachan {deviantart}

I might as well be dead
My life is about to fall apart,
Into a million pieces…

Too weak to make it stop
Feels like I’m being ripped apart,
To miniscule bits & pieces…

No one to call my own
Everybody has just ignored
And it has damaged my very core,
All the deceit & disconnect…

Note: Found this partly completed poem in the “notes” of my phone. Must have typed it spontaneously, ‘in the moment’. I considered completing it at first; but then I thought I will post it as it is. Truest to the moment gone…


A love story

Love and Pain by Edvard Munch via Art Market Monitor.

About 10 years ago,
That day was so serene.
When you walked into my life,
Only to take everything away from me.

I was a very young girl on a mission;
To face the latest curve ball life had thrown.
Although the wounds from the last battle,
Still felt a little too sore.
But meeting you somewhere on the way?…
This fact was totally unknown.

You walked into my life,
It had seemed even better than my dreams!
Who had known back then?
That you’d leave me withering
With scars and muffled screams!

You’ve given me excruciating pain,
The uphill road has rendered me almost insane!
What hurts the most though,
Is to know-
Your indifference and your disdain.

Will I be one of those lovers,
Whose lives are never the same?
Whose hearts are broken forever,
Who are gradually consumed in this pain?


Betrayal & Pain


You say those dreaded words again,
My heart sinks deeper into despair!

No, you’re not the first,
To have crushed my trust.
Or to leave me alone,
Gasping, in an excruciating black hole!

Too many times I’ve died,
Too many days and nights I have wasted crying!
Wishing for this agony to end,
For the sun to shine,
And for warm summers to begin!

Sometimes I question myself,
Why don’t I cease to feel?
Why kindness still seems to melt my heart?
Only to tear it back apart,
With treachery, indifference and misdeed?