Diaries: Echoes of my soul

Memories that bleed…


Funny (or is it?) how there are things that we want to move on from, how there are memories we want to forget, feelings we don’t want to ever encounter again…

We push them somewhere back into our heads and hearts. Somehow always knowing that they are not going anywhere…

We consciously make a choice every moment to not to relive them. But it can take one vulnerable moment to go back swimming in the depths of their existence, like it was just yesterday…

And, it’s quite amazing how, if we let ourselves we can remember everything with such powerful rawness, as if the wounds never healed. That infact, they are very much still bleeding, and creating a puddle of crimson in which we are sitting… right now. Right in this moment.




I was lying on the pillow,
With you by my side.
Watching you sleep,
Couldn’t help but smile!

That faint smile
On your face,
Those tired eyes
Shut tight…

So calm and serene
I can still feel that vibe!

And just like that,
You tossed & turned
Your back to my face.
Still remember the tug at my heart,
How it broke me out of my daze…